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Horticulture and Small Farms

Find out where to buy local products near you! Go to the Small Farms Team Farm Finder website for farms in Washington and Oregon.

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Small Acreage Program

The Small Acreage program provides outreach to residents on how to manage issues small acreage landowners confront, such as mud and manure management, fencing and pasture management, wells and septic system maintenance, and other management topics unique to small acreage properties.

The Small Acreage program helps residents reduce pollution entering storm and surface water coming from residential and agricultural properties by giving residents the knowledge and skills necessary to manage their land and animals in a way that will help keep water clean. Often, these improved management practices also save small acreage owners money.

Washington State University Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The Washington State University Master Gardener Program provides information on home horticulture to the public, including information on soils and composting plant structure, growth & development, planting and pruning trees and shrubs, plant disease and cultural problems, lawns and groundcovers, vegetable gardening, landscape design, herbaceous ornamentals, weeds and herbicides, entomology and

insect management, integrated pest management, and low maintenance landscaping. Washington State University Master Gardener Program trains volunteers who pay back hours staffing answer clinics for the public, working on demonstration gardens, working with youth enrichment programs, giving presentations, and much more!

Sustaining the Pacific Northwest
Food, Farm, & Natural Resource Systems

This quarterly newsletter provides a discussion forum for people working towards community-based sustainable food, farm, and natural resource systems using interdisciplinary oriented research and practitioner knowledge

Washington State University Extension Small Farms Team

The WSU Small Farms Team and the Small Farms Program work with communities to foster profitable family farms, land and water stewardship, and access to healthy food. On this site you’ll find resources for farmers and the general public, all related to sustainable community-based food and farm systems.

The WSU Small Farms Team’s web site offers information relevant to family farms in Washington on crops, animals, food, marketing, soils and compost, farm resources, and publications.

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